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Do more with UrgentCare Works.

Your practice will run like a well-oiled machine with UrgentCare Works, the urgent care market’s only web-based total practice and records management solution delivered by the efficiencies of Internet technology. With nothing more than a computer and a high-speed Internet connection, UrgentCare Works is your PMS, EMR, electronic coding, and automatic billing interface all from our secure HIPAA-compliant server. All you have to do is practice medicine, and we’ll handle the rest.


With UrgentCare Works, you can:

Enjoy a true turn-key solution.

Everything from patient registration to final EFT payment is performed electronically from our secure server using intuitive templates that are fully customizable at the end-user level. And with our fast, easy wizard set up, you’re up and training immediately, and LIVE in less than two weeks. Unlike other products in the market, UrgentCare Works is truly “plug and play” technology.

Get reimbursed for the services you provide, and get paid more and faster.

With electronic patient registration, eligibility, charting, automatic coding, claims management, and billing, UrgentCare Works significantly reduces errors and denied claims – and your payment turnaround time. What’s more, you have immediate access to all of your records online so you can make smart business decisions based on real-time data.

Save your capital and facility space.

There are no upfront costs with UrgentCare Works. You don’t have to buy, store and maintain expensive hardware servers, or pay licensing fees for special software. Everything you need – a computer and an Internet connection – you probably already have. And because you pay as you go, you get a total solution for much less than paying for all of these services separately at a variable cost that allows you to grow.


If you’re an existing or emerging urgent care center ready to put your practice in gear, browse our products and contact us today.