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About Us

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We’re a lot alike.

You started your urgent care center because of your passion to help people and to make a living doing what you love to do. We know how you feel.

At UrgentCare Works, we’re driven by the insatiable desire to improve the healthcare system. With more than four decades in the healthcare industry as providers and clinical informatics developers, we’ve been in the trenches, dealing with the frustrating inefficiencies that can take the passion out practicing medicine.

Our goal is to provide emerging and existing urgent care practices like yours with the freedom to focus on treating patients, and the peace-of-mind knowing that we’ve got your back: taking care of business by saving money, creating efficiencies, and improving patient care and satisfaction.

The UrgentCare Works web-based, end-to-end practice and records management solution does it all. Designed specifically for the urgent care industry, our solution has been rigorously edited and tested by urgent care physicians, nurses, certified coders, billers and managers who understand the nuances and demands of an urgent care practice.

We’re always moving ahead of the curve, anticipating healthcare changes, and creating powerful technologies that make practicing medicine easier. Let UrgentCare Works be your business partner, trusted advisor, and your pulse on the constantly changing healthcare environment. Contact us today.